Say hello to the new YOU

Say hello to the new YOU

Health Coaching

Training never
felt this good

Invest in your health with a multidisciplinary strategy:
Personal Training / Nutrition /Coaching


Do you have a goal?
Go for it!

Personal Training

  • Training for your health, all levels
  • Healthy Life: We will teach you how to start and keep an active life
  • Change and acquire healthy habits
  • Anti-stress training
  • Training for metabolic improvement

    • Reduce cholesterol
    • Learn how to regain normal weight
    • High tension management
  • Injury prevention and rehab
  • Losing and gaining weight
  • Aesthetic changes
  • Toning and strength
  • Hypertrophy
  • Resistance
  • Physical preparation:

    • For racing
    • Racing techniques
    • Personal challenges
  • High performance: See FITGOOD PRO

  • Group training

  • Personal 4 pax group training
  • Large group training (15 pax per training)
  • Physical training for all levels
  • Runner Groups
  • Professional team: FITGOOD PRO

  • We organize the groups noticing:

  • Groups of age and physical condition so that nobody has any problem.
  • Small groups where trainers adapt the session to the reality of the team, as wellas to the individual.
  • We get everybody to train at their level and promote healthy plans of physical activity and fun.
  • They are groups with the same physical goals that in 1:1 training:

    • Health: overweight, injuries and pathologies
    • Physical: performance, hypertrophy, resistance, runners…
    • Aesthetical: tonification, definition, body composition improvement
    • Psychological: stress, self-confidence, self-esteem…
    Training schedule and control
    If you are not interested in all this intervention, we also have the option of schedule and controlling your specific training to ensure your are reaching your goals.

  • online
  • Face-to-face
  • Medical Services

    We provide all the services related
    to your training

    Medicine / Sports medicine / Nutrition
    / Physiotherapy / Psychology / Coaching

    Why FITGOOD?

    We help you incorporate
    healthy habits

    We motivate you

    Train more and better!

    We think about you every day

    Personalized attention in every session

    We take care of you

    You will always have a health professional and a medical team behind you

    Come and enjoy!

    The trainer will prepare all sessions minding your preferences and needs

    We love nature!

    Breathe and move in fresh air

    Your goals

    Within a multidisciplinary strategy, health coaching team bringing training, nutrition and coaching together

    We have a full health service

    Qualified personal trainers, general and sports doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologists, coaches...

    Ready to take the lead of your health?